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The current Chesterfield County commissioner of the revenue, Jenefer Hughes, has been in the news lately, and it hasn't been good: 

  • In September and October of 2018 Jenefer Hughes allowed almost 2300 Social Security numbers of taxpayers to be exposed in a data breach resulting from mismanagement of what should be a simple automated form letter process.  Then she declined an internal audit review that would have looked into the circumstances and procedures that led to the breach.  
  • This year she changed the assessment method for boats from a percentage of actual cost to a value in a national pricing guide.  The change not only resulted in a much higher tax on most taxable boats in Chesterfield (reflecting the national nature of the pricing guide used, which included markets in California, New England, and other places that have more boat traffic and a higher cost of living) but also was done without consulting the Board of Supervisors or others who might be affected from what amounts as a tax increase.  The change was mentioned in a letter accompanying the personal property tax assessment notices mailed in January, but the boats listed on those notices were assessed using the prior method.  Only when the actual personal property tax bills were sent in April was the taxpayer actually notified of the change.  So, not only did she make the change at billing that unilaterally increased the tax for most boat owners without consulting the Board or others affected, she had actually sent them contradictory official assessment notices using the old method -- another incident of mismanaged forms in mail. 

You don't need to take my word for it, though.  Below are links to articles from local news sources where her office has made news.  

Before her tenure beginning in November 2017, the Chesterfield County commissioner of the revenue was rarely in the news -- and that is the way it should be.  Under my administration and that of my predecessors, any news coming from our office was generally mundane.  With your help on November 5, 2019, I will return the office to a place where data breaches or unilateral tax increase will not be in the news as caused by the commissioner.  I will restore and implement procedures to ensure data security and integrity first and foremost.  My door will be open for any thoughts and concerns that you may have -- and even today feel free to contact me for the same, using the "Contact" tab above.

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